Repair Don't Replace

Have you ever been told to throw it away because it can't be fixed?

We have and we have always believed it until recently, Enecon advanced polymers provide products for rebuilding, resurfacing and protecting all types of equipment, structures and fluid flow machinery.


What does this mean, well here are some typical examples us boaty people might be familiar with.


  • Damaged Keel through electrolysis - We can repair

  • Pitted Shaft through electrolysis or wear - We can repair

  • Pitted hydraulic ram which is now leaking - We can repair

  • Prop Cavatation - We can protect

  • Snapped weed cutter fin on your leg - We can repair

  • Worn or leaking metal water pipes - We can repair

  • Chipped propellor - We can repair



There is an endless list of what we can repair and rebuild (please see the list on the left hand side) so why not let us fix it at a fraction of the replacement cost.


Please send in your pictures to see how we can help



Abrasion Resistance

Acid / Caustic Tanks

Active Leak Sealing

Anchor Bolts

Atmospheric Corrosion


Battery Box Repair

Battery Charging Areas

Bearing / Bush Housings

Bonding to Galvanizing

Bonding to Smooth Surfaces

Bow Thrusters

Broadcast Floors

Bulk-Fill Applications / Deep Holes

Cavitation Attack

Chemical Containment Areas


Concrete Repairs

Condensate Pans

Cooling Tower Pans


Cracked Casings


Floor Coatings

Fuel Tank Leaks


Heat Refraction / Energy Conservation

Hydraulic Rams

Hydrostatic Pressure / Leaks

Insulation Protection / Encapsulation


Kort Nozzles


Loading Docks

Manway / Hatch Flanges

Masonry Penetrant

Oil Pan Leaks

Pipe Coating / External

Pipe Coating / Internal

Pipe Elbows

Pipe Leaks


Pumps – External

Pumps / Pump Components – Internal

Radiator Leaks



Roof Repairs


Screw Conveyors

Shaft Repairs

Shower Stalls

Slip Resistance / Safety Surfacing

Step Repairs

Stripped Threads



Tail Shaft Wrapping

Tank Coating / External

Tank Coating / Internal

Tank Leaks

Tube Sheets


Wall Coatings

Water Boxes


A summary of what we can repair


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